About Scholar Xpress

Scholar Xpress has stood the test of time! It has a proven track record in having delivered children safely since 2002!
For years numerous daily deliveries are made to schools, homes and extracurricular activities.
Scholar Xpress has enjoyed a 100% safety record for years! We track our vehicles in real time to ensure that we know where they are at all times.
The safety of our passengers is our priority. We concern ourselves with the well-being of our passengers and ensure that they always arrive on time.
Our drivers are well trained, fully licensed and certified to transport the public.
Happy drivers are safe drivers. We know that when we look well after our staff, our staff will look well after the customers we serve.
Our vehicles are serviced at regular intervals to ensure the safe delivery of our young passengers.
Our whole fleet of vehicles is kept at a high standard of roadworthiness. We keep them hygienically clean and safe to transport children.

Our Story

It all started when a nursery school needed to help the parents to transport their kids. Those kids left the nursery, but then still needed transport to the big school. Then they went to high school and the same fleet of vehicles picked them up and delivered them safely. Since 2002 our service to our community has developed into a fully-fledged transport company.


Our Values

Our core values are safety, reliability, and respect. Our good communication, action, and service ensure that our passengers' needs are met while remaining true to our values.

Our Vision & Mission

It is our Vision to become the number one transport company in Tshwane in transporting South Africa's Future: Our Kids!
Our Mission is to offer safe, reliable and consistent transport for our young passengers. Our staff maintain good relationships with all customers and ensure a personalised experience for everyone.

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